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October 12, 2010 / miked559

Different Types of Running Shoes

If you are committed to the sport of running, you will want to make sure that your have reliable running shoes. A lot of people have little idea how the choice of top running shoes affects the performance. Many people think that any type of athletic sneakers will be sufficient for running. Running shoes are certainly different from ordinary athletic shoes in terms of design and function. The major difference lies in the soles of the running shoes. Running shoes soles are specially designed and developed to provide maximum cushioning, stability and motion control. Soles of running shoes generally enhance the runner’s onward motion as the soles effectively absorb and disperse shock on impact. Compared to your average athletic shoe, a running shoe generally has thicker heels. Below are the three common types of running shoes.

1) Cushioned Running Shoes

These types of running shoes are designed to provide optimum cushioning for runners with high arches. Regular athletic shoes may not provide a good amount of cushioning that can lead to knee, ankle and splint problems. A good pair of cushioned running shoes can prevent this. These shoes are intended to effectively absorb shocks upon impact and spread the energy all throughout the shoe, thus preventing injury.

2) Stability Running Shoes

The heel area of stability running shoes is specially developed to deliver pressure for the foot to roll inward. These types of shoes are ideal for runners with normal arches.

3) Motion Control Running Shoes

The design of these shoes provides runners a great deal of control with their motion. Motion control running shoes are specially designed for runners with low arches or flat feet. Runners with flat feet often experience overpronation and the ideal running shoes for overpronators are the ones that provide optimum motion control. Some motion control shoe designs are developed to correct overpronating feet. The soles are generally wider to prevent the feet from turning in.

It is important to understand the type of your feet before you choose the best running shoes that will improve your performance in your next run.

Best running shoes for stability, motion control and comfort:

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